We Have Our Answer


As many already know, we gave it a legitimate shot at bringing in an Olive Garden to the city. After knocking on Darden Restaurant’s door and Darden’s business associates, they said “no”.

Are we calling this a failure? I don’t think so and here’s why…  Yes it’s a part of my job to recruit new business to West Bend, this really wasn’t the goal of this endeavor.  The goal was to get an answer and communicate with the public in an informative way.

We also celebrate some new restaurants soon coming our way and those establishing roots in the community. The former Mother’s Day eatery on W. Washington is now home to Don Ramon and open for business.  Additionally, we are excited about the remodeling occurring at the former Dublin’s restaurant.  Culaccino Bar & Italian Kitchen looks to be a great asset for the city and downtown.  Not only because it will be an amazing place to visit but also because we are gaining yet another community partner investing in our outstanding city.  Even sushi coming to downtown with the Pearl of Canton moving in to the former Sears building.


So as we sit and reflect on how this went, let’s do it from one of our fine establishments downtown that want to be in West Bend. Maybe over a steak at Krimmers, some appetizers at Tap & Tavern, fish fry at Riverside, chicken salad sandwich at the Idle Hour, a slice at Sal’s, coffee at the Hub, a burger at Brazenhead, a dessert at Café Soeurette or a cocktail at the Norbert.

Really we could do this all day talking about our favorite spots downtown. Thank you to all that invest in and enjoy this city, we are proud to have you here.




Author: Adam Gitter

Economic Development Manager with the City of West Bend

3 thoughts on “We Have Our Answer”

  1. Not getting an Olive Garden is no loss, but disappointed you didn’t mention Maricio’s for Italian food & pizza. Great food and family run business.


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