Happy Economic Development Week

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From us here at the City of West Bend we would like to wish everybody a happy economic development week. I thought this would be a great opportunity to say how proud we are of all our businesses and do a quick weekly recap of why this week was so exciting.  Even before I knew it was a holiday and maybe my boss should be getting me a present, (week’s not over so fingers crossed I’ll be getting that Richie Sexson autographed photo for my office soon), it seemed like a good idea to recap a pretty great week.

Giants v  Brewers X

When I said “happy economic development week” to someone in the office today, he responded with “isn’t every week economic development week for you?” Fair.  I guess it is my job and I love every minute of it.  But really this week is about how the community stepped up to make it great.  The City of West Bend and residents make my job so much easier.

First let’s mention Quam Engineering. How fitting for us to kick off economic development week by seeing them break ground on their new three-story mixed use building in our downtown.  Not only will they have offices on the first floor, but ten apartments downtown that are sure to be going quick.  The views from this building and the walkability combined with the proximity to the Eisenbahn Trail will make this a great spot.

Quam Work May 7

Next, we should move slightly down the road to the eight acre former Gehl site. Van Horn Real Estate bought the property and is looking to develop in our downtown.  Now why are they looking to develop in our downtown?  Like I said earlier, this is a team effort and it everybody truly stepped up.  (Maybe you guys can ask for a B.J. Surhoff, Greg Vaughn and Geoff Jenkins autograph from my boss)  It is everything combined that makes a developer want to be in an area.  So thank you MOWA for the cultural campus. Thank you Parks and Rec along with your many donors for the improved Riverwalk.


Thanks to the Business Improvement District for a great downtown, thank you to the Mayor and City Council for being development friendly.  Most of all, thank you to the Hub for gushing over how great West Bend is when I went in there with the developer to get a cup of coffee. You didn’t know why we were there, but these types of conversations naturally happen because it is so great to be a part of West Bend.

Lastly, who can forget the return of our beloved doctors? West Bend Medical bought the former Cooley’s site (next to former Dublin’s) and said we want this to be our new home.  Not only did it seem like a good fit but the overwhelming positivity on social media about the doctors coming home was outstanding.  They will be an awesome fit to our downtown and we are so excited they want to be a part of it.


So great job everybody! We made this a memorable economic development week and because we all have to go to work on Monday let’s try to do it again.  This time knowing how positive of an impact everybody has for the City of West Bend and quality of life we know and expect from this fine city.  #EconDevWeek


Author: Adam Gitter

Economic Development Manager with the City of West Bend

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